About us

            Noble 168 was originally a company at the United Stated in Long Beach California <>. Noble Termite was establish in 2005. And there in Cambodia we have branch office here in Phnom Penh . We specialize in Pest Control & Termites (Roaches, ants, fleas, termites etc.). Our service is professionally done with safety and experience. We only use the highest quality of chemicals and equipment from the United States. Quality is always back with our Noble warranty. Noble means that were loyal and humble to have you as our client. Call us at 023 6 900 800 and we’ll be glad to answer any of your question. Visit us on website www.noble168.com

Our mission

            It has been our mission from the start to be the best and the first name in exterminating services. We make sure that each of our technicians are trained and ready to help you with all of your pest control needs. Using the latest techniques, tools and treatment. 

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